Seeking Refuge Project (Geelong)

Currently there are approximately 300 Asylum Seekers in Geelong who have fled another country where they have experienced, or were at risk of experiencing torture and persecution.

These people have come to Australia to seek safety and now have one opportunity to seek protection by applying for a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV).

The visa application process is very complex, and requires a detailed written statement outlining their case for a visa. Everything needs to be completed in English.

These people need our help!

The Seeking Refuge Project (SRP) in Geelong is seeking Volunteer Administrative Assistants and Volunteer Lawyers (willing to register as Migration Agents) and Migration Agents to assist Asylum Seekers to apply for their TPV.

If you are interested in volunteering as part of this project, please see the relevant information and registration forms, below.

General information and position descriptions

* Seeking Refuge Project in Geelong Information Flyer (PDF)

* Lawyer Migration Agent Volunteer Position Description (PDF)

* Administrative Assistant Volunteer Position Description (PDF)

Volunteer registration form

* Lawyer Migration Agent Volunteer Registration Form (PDF)

* Administrative Assistant Volunteer Registration Form (PDF)