Deakin Day 2014

On Friday 24 October 2014, in collaboration with Deakin University, our Association held our annual Deakin Day. Thank you to all the members who supported the day which enables members to obtain CPD points without cost. This has proved to be a valuable initiative for our members and we will continue to provide free CPD not only at the end of each month but also on the last Friday in October of each year.

It is of particular note that the three compulsory morning sessions are well attended. The afternoon sessions are often poorly attended and as a committee we will look at different ways to provide substantive law CPD to our members. As a committee we are always looking to members to provide their feedback about these events and look forward to receiving any comments you may have as to how we can improve Deakin Day or alternatively provide topics which you would like us to address in 2015.

A very big thank you to Foleys List who supported us again in 2014. We hope that the support from Foleys for Deakin Day and for CPD throughout the year will continue throughout 2015 and beyond


Deakin Waterfront

Geelong Waterfront